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What the CIA thought of China in 1967


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Suicide or strike? A tale of two work cultures


Minnie Chan 17 June 2010 When Li Hai jumped to his death from the fifth floor of his dormitory at Foxconn’s factory in Longhua, Shenzhen, last month, other young workers from Hunan were taking part in a strike at a Honda car parts factory in Foshan. The two cases speak volumes about contrasting management styles […]

Arrogant official sacked after slapping boy and triggering 5-1/2 hour riot


Choi Chi-yuk 14 June 2010 If people on the mainland are becoming increasingly angry over the arrogance of government and Communist Party cadres, there may be no better example than what happened on Friday night in Anhui. A tourist bureau chief in the central province’s city of Maanshan was sacked after slapping a teenager who […]

Retracing the great escape


Beijing and Taipei celebrate the extraordinary wartime odyssey that saved 19,600 crates of China’s art treasures, seeding magnificent museums in both cities Mark O’Neill 13 June 2010 In the middle of one night in 1933, the doors of the National Palace Museum (NPM) in Beijing opened – large trucks laden with art treasures moved slowly […]

Money worship magnified in TV dating stings traditional love values


13 June 2010 Liu Weidong, a 24-year-old apprentice lawyer in Nanjing, felt embarrassingly rejected by 24 well-dressed single women in a popular, yet controversial matchmaking reality show. “I had sincerely hoped to find a nice girlfriend on the stage, but I did not expect those girls to be so ‘money-worshiping’ and blunt,” Liu told Xinhua […]

Politics outweighs business in listing a state enterprise


Shirley Yam 12 June 2010 To be or not to be … The market has been wondering whether China will go ahead with the flotation of its last unlisted state-owned commercial bank – Agricultural Bank of China (ABC). From a business perspective, the question is more than valid. Investors are concerned with the deterioration in […]

Chinese women, please don’t sleep with foreigners



How Chiang spirited China’s gold away from the Reds


As the PLA closed in on Shanghai, the KMT leader shipped millions in gold and silver out of the mainland in an operation only now coming to light

Why labour unrest is good for China and the world


Pay rises boost domestic buying, help rectify global trade imbalances