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Ivy League degree no sure fire path to success


Elite education can open doors, but hard workers can still get ahead


Our own private oath is the latest hit on Wall Street


By MICHAEL LEWIS 10 June 2010 A few weeks ago Bloomberg News reported that, in just the past year, hundreds of students at the Harvard Business School have taken something called the MBA Oath. Endorsed by Harvard’s dean, and replicated by other business schools, the oath comes in two sizes: an important sounding long version, […]

Moody’s analysts felt bullied to give rosy ratings


Warren Buffett due to testify later before inquiry panel

No more ‘cowboy diplomacy’ for US


New strategy rooted in engagement and cooperation, rejects ‘Bush Doctrine’

Western hypocrisy rears ugly head


It’s ironic that while the Great Crisis was made in America, China is held accountable for the imbalances that linger

China’s yuan policy lets Fed set its interest rates: Geithner


More flexible stance likely as yuan peg limits its monetary policy options

China exchange rate issue a red herring


US obsession with the yuan is a classic example of blaming foreigners for domestic woes

Yuan not the only tool to help ease US trade deficit


Given the flurry of high-level exchanges between Beijing and Washington in the past few days and those set to happen in the next few weeks, the consensus is that China is set to resume the gradual appreciation of the yuan by widening the trading band. The only difference is over the timing and the scale of the revaluation.

Beijing testing ‘carrier killer’, US warns


PLA’s ballistic missile project could force American rethink of strategy, says admiral

Health Care Law Signals US Empire Decline?


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