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Impossible dreams drag nations down


Many countries need an economics reality check


Watch out, it is starting to look like Sept 2008 all over again


By ANDREW MARKS 22 May 2010 The great ‘de-risking’ of 2010 has seemingly just gotten underway, and with the ghosts of September 2008 lurking, it looks like plenty more is in store for equity markets in coming weeks. Rampant fear and uncertainty brought on by Europe’s headline-making sovereign debt crisis and an onslaught of high […]

Don’t follow the money if you want better earnings


Become a contrarian and see your investment grow faster

Tips on buying inflation-protected bond funds


When the economy is awash with cheap money, the risk of inflation eroding asset holdings is bound to spook investors. No wonder then, inflation-protected bond funds available for sale in Hong Kong have gained prominence of late. But how efficient are they? To understand that, it might be worthwhile to look at the pros and cons of Treasury Inflation-Protected Securities (Tips).

National insecurity


Efforts to rid the world of nuclear weapons need to focus on the underlying causes of proliferation

Men prone to overconfidence, women are more risk-averse


The latest data comes from mutual fund company Vanguard. It has found that during the financial crisis of 2008 and 2009, men were much more likely than women to sell their shares at stock market lows. Those sales presumably meant big losses – and missing the start of the market rally that began a year ago.

Prepare for belt-tightening, IMF warns


Governments should make clear to citizens that return to prudent policies is necessary

Sifting commodities will produce pay dirt


The United States consumes 10 litres of crude oil per person per day while China consumes one litre. Put this way it is easier to see why a small shift in demand in the US will propel oil prices from the current level of around US$80 back up to US$90 to US$100 a barrel this year, according to Dominic Schnider, the head of commodity research at UBS Wealth Management.