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Australian jailed for ‘thrill’ killing of Chinese student


Agence France-Presse in Sydney 30 June 2010 A man who murdered a Chinese student in Australia was on Wednesday given a life sentence for the brutal attack, which the judge described as a premeditated, ‘thrill’ killing of a complete stranger. Stavros Papadopoulos, 22, pleaded guilty to murdering 26-year-old University of Tasmania accounting student Zhang ‘Tina’ […]

The difficult leap to self-employment


Being your own boss requires more than just big ambition

The 20 Most Important Questions In Business



Male menopause not a myth


Researchers pinpoint nine symptoms for determining presence of condition

Get-rich-quick schemes: caveat emptor


There are good network marketing companies and bad network marketing companies. Unfortunately, many people join the bad ones.

No evidence that organic food is better


Studies suggest normal food is just as nutritious in the short run 26 May 2010 Consumers who opt for organic foods often believe they are improving their health but there is currently no strong evidence that such produce brings nutrition-related health benefits, a new research review has found. A ‘disappointingly small’ number of well-designed studies […]

Teaching rich kids about work


Being on parental dole all through life could do more harm than good, and formal education alone may not suffice

Disaster for Pyongyang the outcome of any war


Gwynne Dyer 01 June 2010 What if there really were a war on the Korean Peninsula? The rhetoric has been heated since the South Korean warship Cheonan was sunk by an explosion in March, killing 46 sailors, and it has been white-hot since investigators reported last month that a North Korean torpedo struck the vessel. […]

Teacher’s tip: Have sex every night


Active sex life and reading makes one healthy, wealthy and wise, he says

一個人的天荒地老 – 張宇