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China slaps Rio employees with up to 14 years jail


Chinese court slapped four employees of mining giant Rio Tinto with jail terms of seven to 14 years on bribery and commercial secrets charges, unexpectedly harsh sentences that include a decade of imprisonment for Australian Stern Hu.


Health Care Law Signals US Empire Decline?


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You don’t need to be a chair professor, but …


What to look for when buying antique furniture

Tips on buying inflation-protected bond funds


When the economy is awash with cheap money, the risk of inflation eroding asset holdings is bound to spook investors. No wonder then, inflation-protected bond funds available for sale in Hong Kong have gained prominence of late. But how efficient are they? To understand that, it might be worthwhile to look at the pros and cons of Treasury Inflation-Protected Securities (Tips).

SOE holds costly residential lot vacant 7 years


A high-end river view residential community in the Lujiazui financial area has aroused public concerns not only over its high prices, but also the identity of the developer.

Resolve the big issues at Sino- Environment


But while this is encouraging, they may only be scratching the surface of the real issues facing the company. Also of concern is the emergence of a new senior executive who could be linked to ousted chairman and CEO Sun Jiangrong.

National insecurity


Efforts to rid the world of nuclear weapons need to focus on the underlying causes of proliferation

More foreign firms feel unwelcome in China


A growing number of foreign businesses in China feel shut out under new government policies promoting home-grown technology, according a survey released Monday.

Men prone to overconfidence, women are more risk-averse


The latest data comes from mutual fund company Vanguard. It has found that during the financial crisis of 2008 and 2009, men were much more likely than women to sell their shares at stock market lows. Those sales presumably meant big losses – and missing the start of the market rally that began a year ago.

Mainlanders quit Hong Kong for greener pastures


The growing presence of mainlanders in the shopping malls and university campuses of Hong Kong suggests they must find the city highly attractive. But the latest figures from the Immigration Department paint a different picture.